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Friday, August 29, 2014



>>Sport, like music, is something universal, something that is understood all around the world, regardless of

social, ethnic or religious differences.  Not only sport is universal, but also its values.<<

(Dr. Jacques Rogge, IOC President)



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ACES assigns every year the recognitions of European “Capital”,  “City” and   Town” of Sport. The allocation of these recognitions is done by ACES, according to the principles of responsibility and ethics, being aware that sport is a factor of aggregation of the society, improvement in the quality of life, psycho-physical well-being and complete integration within social classes in a difficult situation.  ACES works with the European Commission, and above all on the initiatives presented in the “White Paper of Sport” (action point 50), thanks to the activation of the structured relationships with the most important European people practising  a sport, through the collaboration with the EU Members States et through the promotion of  relations in the field of sport.

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Video: North Lanarkshire (UK)

Video: Atri (Ita) 


Video: Pescara (Ita)


Video: Robledo de Chavela (Spa)

 Video: 08-09-2009 Aces - Coni TG1 (Ita) 


Video: 29-07-2009 Aces
Candidature Valencia Canal9 (Esp) 

Video: 29-07-2009 Aces
Candidature Valencia Station1 (Esp) 

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The Objective of the European Capital of Sports Award is an ethical commitment conscious of the social function that sport has as linking factor between the physical wellbeing of individuals, the general improvement in their quality of life and the harmonious integration of society.

The European Capital of Sports Award is an incentive for local administrations and their sport departments to fulfil a fundamental and decisive role in the making of the fabric that contributes to improving the general level of health of the inhabitants in a country, through the culture of healthy and physical exercise. Its tasks consist in the formulation of sport policies for the development of infrastructures and management models that favour sport to facilitate the development of social integration processes of the more disadvantaged groups of society: the disabled, the elderly, teenagers in risk situations and migrants.

The cities that have been awarded the European Capital of Sports title are positive and ethical examples of social policy that needs to be implemented in other contexts; its strategies, concept and programmes duplicated. In this way, the European Capital Cities of Sports will become part of a more complex European model that aims to protect its inhabitants and improve its cities.

This is an undertaking which, endorsed by many European cities as a common project, takes on the character of an institutional ethical responsibility.

Gian Francesco Lupattelli

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Aces Europe in Istanbul

The Board of ACES Europe have visited Istanbul last July in the year of the European Capital of Sport. The big turkish city received ACES’ delegation in the Sport AS headquarters where established a representative office of the association in Istanbul. Mr. Gumusdag, Deputy Mayor of Istanbul, was the person who received ACES Europe delegation headed by Mr. Lupattelli, the President, to develop also ACES Turkey in the coming years with the awards of European City and Town of Sport through the euro-asian country. 

Castelldefels, European City of Sport 2013

Castelldefels (Spain) has received recently the award of European City of Sport 2013 after the visit of the Evaluation Committee who were in there last 23th of July. The members of the Committee evaluated in positive the city in terms of facilities and sport management. The Committee was composed by the president of ACES Europe, Gian F. Lupattelli; the vicepresident, John Swanson; The Member of the Europarliament and ex Sports Minister of Spain, Santiago Fisas; the Reporteur of Committee of Regions, Roberto Pella; a member of ACES UK, Jim Logue; and a member of the Panathlon International Club, Joan Camuñas. 

La Nucía, an exemplary European Town of Sport

The city of La Nucía (Alicante-Spain) is an exemplary candidate for the award of European Town of Sport 2013 because of the sport facilities, sport policy and managers who have situated La Nucía at the vanguard of physical activity with the Sport Complex Camilo Cano, 150,000 square meters, in which the city have invested in last 4 years more than 70 million of euros.
Video of the Evaluation Committee visit:

Torino presented the brochure of the candidature

The city of Torino (Italy) presented last 2nd of July the brochure of the candidature for the European Capital of Sport 2015 in which competes against Cracow (Poland). The event had the representation of the ACES Europe’s President, Gian F. Lupattelli; the Mayor of Torino, Piero Fassino; the Sports councellor, Stefano Gallo; and the Olympic champion , Livio Berruti. 

Cardiff, volunteering project's conclusion 

The city of Cardiff, European Capital of Sport 2013, was the stage last June of the official presentation of the volunteering project’s conclusions and the guide of good working practices developed by ACES and 10 european cities during 2011 and 2012. The event was crowed and had the representation of the wales’ authorities also.  

Lisburn, European City of Sport 2013

The city of Lisburn (United Kingdom) has received the visit of the Evaluation Committee last June. Lisburn is candidate for European City of Sport 2013. The inspection team were very impressed by the Lagan Valley Leisureplex Regional Centre which not only serves the community as a place to have fun and keep fit but also as a centre of excellence for swimming in particular.  It is a city that values sport and participation from an early age participation right through to the support given to Elite Athletes from the Sports Institute, Lisburn is a city that embraces “Sport for All”.

Guimarães, European City of Sport 2013

Guimarães was named European City of Sport. In agreement with Aces Europe, the city will organize, during 2013, 30 sporting events.
Gian Francesco Lupatelli, ACES President, presided over the presentation of the application focusing on the organization of the Portuguese city and the quality of infrastructure to serve its citizens. Lupattelli spoke of the excellent schools and sports medicine center in relation to good fellowship between sport and health.

Estepona, European City of Sport 2013 

Estepona is European City of Sport in Spain for 2013 after the Evaluation Committee have visited and gave it a favorable vote. Estepona will share the award with Lorca (Murcia-Spain) which has been elected too. Another spanish city, Castelldefels, has also presented the candidature for 2013.  

ACES Europe promotes the ECOPOST Service  

We are pleased to introduce ourselves "ECOPOST" as a essential social-service for citizenship, for public administrations and help for charity. It seems appropriate to support this kind of initiatives and promote them in order to make it clear to all of Europe majors, institutions and organizations ACES supports all these types of initiatives to create low-cost services with objective of allocating the money received for volunteer works. If you want any information about it please visit or contact  

Volunteering Project in Scotland

North Lanarkshire (Scotland) housed last 5th, 6th and 7th of March the 4th meeting of the Volunteering Project in which participates some cities awarded by ACES Europe. The project is supported by economical funds from European Union. The assistants visited the facility of the first Indoor Velodrome of Scotland which cost 160M GBP. They also met with the people in charge of the volunteers at the Commonweatlh Games which will take place in Glasgow in 2014. They estimate 15,000 volunteers for the sport event.  

The hoisted flag at Bilbao

The mayor of Bilbao, Iñaki Azkuna, invited Gian f. Lupattelli (ACES Europe’s president) and Hugo Alonso (ACES Europe’s Gral Secretary) last 18th of March to the hoist of the European City of Sport flag which took place at crowed Arriaga square. Azkuna emphasized that “this flag will be here for a long period of time because Bilbao inhabitants should know that they have a very important sport management, Bilbao Kirolak” and also extended an invitation to everybody to practice more sport which means better health. 

2012 ACES EU Gala Awards

The Alcide De Gasperi room at the European Parliament was almost brimming for the occasion of the 2012 ACES EU Gala Awards. More than 400 attendants, including member of parliament, commissioners, ministers, mayors and deputy mayors witnessed Mayor Kadir Topbas receiving the flag for European Capital of Sport 2012 ,from Cristobal Grau sports councillor of Valencia, the European Capital of Sport 2011. The handover was proceeded  by awards given to the mayors of European Cities of Sport for 2012 Bilbao, Castellon, Charleroi, Florence, Iasi, Liberec, Pescara, Preston, Hertongenbosch and European Towns of Sport 2012 Ariccia, Atri, Finale Ligure, Savignano sul Rubicone, Valdengo, Otura, Pont de Suert, Malo and Salò. Isle of Man received the European Community of Sport title, followed by the candidates for 2013. 

Two new agreements

ACES EUROPE signed last 20th of september new agreements of collaboration with European Tennis Table Union (ETTU) and International Children Games (ICG). The papers were signed during the EGFA and GCE dinner at Brussels. The objetive of this agreements is develop the sport not only in Europe also worldwide. ACES EUROPE also presented at the dinner the Ambassador Cards which was delivered to the president of ETTU (Mr. Bosi) and IGC (Mr. Rasch).

Isle of Man to receive top sports award

Top officials from the European Capitals of Sport Association (ACES) visited the Isle of Man today (Friday 15 June 2011) to announce that the Island is to receive the 2012 European Community Sports Award. ACES is the body that awards the title of European Capital of Sport, held by Dublin in 2010 and Valencia in 2011, and is recognised and funded from the European Parliament in Brussels. For 2012, ACES has introduced a new Community Sports Award to enable small communities like the Isle of Man to be recognised alongside the big cities of Europe. --->

ETTU joining ACES to extend Europe’s perspective

Aside the Italian Olympic Committee Council in Rome, ETTU President Stefano BOSI and ACES Europe President Gianfranco LUPATTELLI signed a cooperation agreement with commitment to the promotion of healthy lifestyles, active prevention, and quality of life improvement through qualified sports activity.
ACES Europe will promote European Table Tennis Union’s activity to its partner local administrations. ETTU itself will promote ACES Europe activity through their contacts network, or in the making of its events and relationships.

Sports award for champion Ricky

 World boxing champion Ricky Burns received the prestigious European City of Sport Person of the Year award on Friday (20 May) during a professional boxing evening at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility. Provost Tom Curley presented Ricky with the award on behalf of the European Capitals of Sports Association and North Lanarkshire Leisure. Provost Curley said: “To have a world boxing champion from North Lanarkshire is tremendous and a just reward for all the hard work Ricky has put in to get to this level.“Ricky is a terrific ambassador for our area and his dedication to his sport is reflected in his ongoing success and it was a pleasure to present him with this latest award.”   

The WORLD CAPITAL OF SPORT was presented   

Valencia was the place chosen by ACES Europe to present officially the new award of World Capital of Sport (WCS) which will be given in 2015. With the intention of promote the WCS the cities of Valencia, Istanbul, Antwerp and Cardiff will be awarded with this new recognition forming at the same time the Promote Committee of the award which will be named at the end of 2012 in Istanbul and delivered at United Nations (New York) with the support  of UCLG at the end of 2014. 

Cardiff is named European Capital for Sport

Cardiff has been successful in securing the prestigious title of European Capital of Sport 2014. The announcement was made by officials from the European Capitals of Sports Association (ACES) at an event held in Valencia this week.  It was recognised that Cardiff has firmly established itself as a leading city for sport, offering state of the art stadiums and facilities including the Millennium Stadium, SWALEC Stadium and Cardiff International Sport Stadium. Leader of the Council, Cllr Rodney Berman said: "There is no denying the city already has a fantastic sporting pedigree”. 

ACES Europe inaugurates representative office in Puertollano

The last 29th of march ACES Europe inaugurated the office in Spain at Puertollano. The mayor of the city and the president Mr. Lupattelli were the main protagonists of the event in which also was kicked off the European Project of Volunteering funded by EU with a budget of 180,000 euros. Nine cities awarded by ACES participated on that: Puertollano, Robledo de Chavela, Iasi, Limerick, North Lanarkshire, Cardiff, Amberes, Busca and Loano. 


Reporting directly to ACES Federation Europe, has become the ACES Technician Committee (ATC), based in the European Observatory of Sport in Valencia (Spain). Sports technical university graduates in Science of Physical Activity and Sport of municipalities in ACES and other highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the management of municipal sports begin this first European Network of Sport Management Technical Council.
The main objectives of ATC are to create a reference collection of good practices in the municipal area of ​​sport in Europe and being at the same time an open forum which develops protocols, assistance and technical content. Email contact:

ACES Spain was created  

MARCH’11.- Last 2nd of march in Valencia was created ACES Spain. A new delegation of ACES Europe was born following the examples of ACES UK, ACES Ireland and ACES Italy which also have been created with them own statutes and office. The president of ACES Spain is the Sport Councillor of Valencia, Mr. Cristóbal Grau. The vice-presidents are the Mayor of Puertollano, Mr. Joaquín Hermoso, and the Mayor of Robledo de Chavela, Mr. Mario de la Fuente. As General Secretary ACES Spain designed Mr. Gonzalo Cuesta and the Honor Presidency will be delegated in the person of Mr. Santiago Fisas. Mr. Lupattelli, President of ACES Europe, was main witness of this new creation followed by the General Manager in Sport of Istambul, Mr. Ozan Cakir. The first objective of ACES Spain is work on a membership project around the country and create a Technical Committee with ACES Europe. 

ACES Europe met with Vassiliou in Budapest   

25 FEBRUARY '11.- Last 22nd of february ACES Europe met in the EU Sport Forum of Budapest with the European Commissioner for Sport, Androulla Vassiliou. Gian F. Lupattelli, President of ACES Europe, and Hugo Alonso, General Secretary, explained her what ACES do around Europe as a high visibility of European Union through citizens with the awards of European Capital, City and Town of Sport since 2001. She was really excited with ACES’s work. Also showed Ms. Vassiliou the agreements signed with EP members trough EGFA and GCE for working to the sports for all in Europe as an instrument of health, integration and education. “We are very glad and proud of being part of the developing of the White Paper and sport” said Mr. Lupattelli who always met in Budapest with the Director-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission, Jan Truszczyński. 

The turkish Minister of European Affairs met with ACES Europe

28th SEPT’10.- The turkish Minister of European Affairs,  Egemen Bagis, met with ACES in the ACES Europe offices at Brussels. Bagis was really interested in the candidature of Istambul as European Capital of Sport 2012, award in which also compete with Cardiff (Wales) and Antwerp (Belgium). “The country of Turkey is involved completely in this candidature. We hope not disappoint anybody next 10th of november when receive the visit of Evaluation Committee” said Bagis who came accompanied  by the turkish Ambassador in Belgium and a huge number of persons who composed the cabinet. For ACES was received  by the president, Gian Francesco Luppattelli; the president of EGFA, Santiago Fisas; the general secretary of ACES Europe, Hugo Alonso; the president of ACES Belgium, Frederic Soudain; and the president of ACES UK, Blane Dodds.  

ACES Europe presents itself with hard support at European Parliament of DG Education and Culture 

27th SEPT’10.- The European Capital of Sport Association (ACES) presented itself the last 27th of September during the European Commission of Education and Culture of Europarliament (Brussels). In this Commission the president of ACES, Gian Francesco Lupattelli, did a little briefing presentation of what ACES do through Europe, its principles, awarded cities, quality certifications, organization and agreement signed with others associations. For this presentation ACES has the support of EGFA (Euro Parliamentary Group Friends of ACES) who know perfectly how ACES works for sport in Europe during the last 10 years. Europarliament members with too many experience and prestige like Kelly, Costa, Fisas and Scurria asked to the Commission for more financial support for ACES. The president of the Commission, Ms. Pack, was really satisfied of knowing how ACES works and will follow closely ACES for give it more support from european authorities. “We have done a very good work. Each day more people add to our project. Sport is our language and start talking it fluently in Europe from Lisbon Treaty. Now we have to follow the book of route with more financial support from Euro Parliament” said Lupattelli.  

ACES Europe in Brussels at European Parliament, at DG Health and Consumers, at EACEA and new Headquarter

Last week the President Mr. Gian Francesco Lupattelli and his Vice General Secretary Mr. Stefano Passa visited the European Parliament to present the growth plan of the Association. Some members took to heart the work of the association in the last 10 years and decided to create a Group to support Aces that will be called EGFA (Europarliamentary Group Friends of Aces). There were four key days for the perpetuation of the work of the Association. Mr. Lupattelli and Mr. Passa also had the opportunity to meet the Director General of DG Health and Consumers Mrs. Paola Testori Coggi (in photo) and to know the representatives of EACEA (Education, Audiovisual & Cultures Executive Agency) that finances in part the 2010 livelihood of Aces. It was also the opportunity to make an agreement with the company Logos that will collaborate with Aces up to year-end to search for new projects that could be funded by the E.U. and it will provide a meeting room in its offices, near to the European Parliament.   

IBERIAN ACES Comittee celebrates 10th aniversary of the association

All Iberian ACES members met last 20th of april in Madrid’s city council to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ACES which in the year 2000 gave to Madrid the award of 1st European capital of Sport. The most representatives of the Sport city council were with ACES and received a commemorative present from the president, Gian Francesco Lupattelli.
At the same time Iberian ACES team celebrated the second commission in where approved  new regulations, deadlines, the new magazine and official agreement between University of Pisa and Politécnica of Madrid for development of Quality Certificates.
“I’m very proud of our ACES’ family which is growing up working for Sport for All. Each day we are more members” said Lupattelli.

Iberian ACES Commission was created

The last 2nd of march in Valencia was created the Iberian ACES Commission (Spain and Portugal) by Gian Francesco Lupattelli, ACES’ President, and all ACES spanish members. Until now and following ACES Italian commission example this new group of work develop the Iberian issues with headquarters situated in Valencia. At the same time Hugo Alonso was named General Secretary of Iberian Commission by unanimously of the votes of Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Boadilla del Monte, Lleida, Marbella, Salamanca, Puertollano and Robledo de Chavela. Salamanca and Puertollano will be the vicepresidents of the commission. The cities of Adra and San Lorenzo de El Escorial also participated in the meeting as observators because they are candidates to European Town of Sport award for 2011. The day finished with a visit to the city council of Valencia, a meeting with the Lady Mayor, Rita Barberá, and the live show of La Mascletá, Local and Popular Party. 

Aces' website has been posted in European Commission Portal 

27th Jan 2010 - Starting from today Aces' website has been posted between the list of the most useful links of European Commission, sport division, in the section "European Organization" together with Council of Europe, European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation, European Olympic Committees and European Paralympic Committee--->  

ACES Europe in Brussels at European Union

11th Dec 09 - A delegation of ACES visit Brussels last Friday 11th of December for a meeting with European Union Sport General Manager, Pierre Mairesse. The meeting was for about one hour and ACES present in a extend brochure all information about the association, the awards and also the quality stars program.  Mr. Mairesse was really interested in ACES and will support all association’s activities, firstly in Dublin next February. Also confirm that financial infrastructure of ACES probably will be supported by European funds next January. “We are really proud of ACES and are optimist after this meeting with Mr. Mairesse because Europe believe in our project” said Gian Francesco Lupattelli, President of ACES. Rest of ACES delegation in the picture (from left to right): Luis Cervera (Vice General Secretary Area ACES Spain), Stefano Passa (Vice General Secretary of ACES), G.F. Lupattelli (ACES’ President), Pierre Mairesse (Director for Youth, Sport and Citizenship DG Education and Culture at European Commission), John Swanson (General Secretray of ACES) and Hugo Alonso (Secretray Area of European Town of Sports).

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ACES Europe
c/o Science 14 Atrium
14b, Rue de la Science
1040 – Bruxelles
tel: +322 588 08 13  mob: +324 949 423 95

Gian Francesco Lupattelli  

General Secretary:
Hugo Alonso  

Vice General Secretary & Project Manager:
Eduardo Balekjian  

Vice General Secretary & Project Manager:
Stefano Passa  

Istanbul 2012 Minimize

The city of Istanbul begins its year as European Capital of Sport. It recently received the title from the city of Valencia has done a great sporting year and will hand the title to the city of Antwerp in 2013.

Thanks from Giovanni Petrucci Minimize

Thanks and Congratulations from Giovanni Petrucci (President of CONI) to Gian Francesco Lupattelli (President of Aces) for his mission and to the Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti for the award of Milan as European Capital of Sport 2009.

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Photogallery of press conference to the European Parliament in order to introduce the European Cities of Sport.

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